Adjectives are inflected only when they function as an attribute to a noun.



Adjective declension depends on the following factors :


the gender of the noun


gender masculine ein junger Mann
feminine eine junge Frau
neuter ein junges Kind



the number of the noun


number singular die junge Frau
plural die jungen Frauen




and the case of the noun.


case nominative das helle Haus
genitive des hellen Hauses
dative dem hellen Haus
accusative das helle Haus


The adjective agrees with the noun it qualifies in gender, number and case.



Furthermore, the inflection of an adjective depends on whether the adjective is accompanied by an article or not. Two factors are important :


1. Which article precedes the adjective and


article Examples
definite article der junge Mann
indefinite article ein junger Mann


2. Whether there is an article preceding the adjective.


article Examples
with article die jungen Männer
without an article junge Männer