The imperative is used to express requests and commands. These requests/commands that are expressed with the imperative, range from strict orders to polite requests.


Halt den Mund!
Komm sofort her!
Rate mal!
Bringen Sie mir doch bitte mal die Geräte!




The imperative can be used only when we address one or more people directly. That is why the imperative has only two forms, the second person singular and plural. 

Furthermore, the imperative also has an informal and a formal/polite form.


addressing   Example
one person informal form Komm!
  polite form Kommen Sie!


addressing   Example
more than one person informal form Kommt!
  polite form Kommen Sie!




When a person addresses a request/command to a group of people to which he/she belongs, then the following structures are used.


form Examples
first person plural present indicative + wir Fahren wir los!
lasst uns + present infinitive Lasst uns losfahren!