The infinitive

The six infinitives


The infinitives fall in six different categories, according to tense and mood. The citation form of a verb is always the present tense active infinitive.


The six infinitives are formed as follows:


verb voice
active passive Zustandspassiv
tense present verb stem + en past participle (Partizip II) + werden past participle (Partizip II) + sein
present perfect past participle (Partizip II) + haben / sein * past participle (Partizip II) + worden sein past participle (Partizip II) + gewesen sein


* The use of haben or sein depends on which of the two auxiliary verbs is used in the formation of the present perfect tense.



The following tables present all the infinitives of verbs vorbereiten and bleiben. Bleiben does not have any passive forms.


Example 1
verb voice
active passive Zustandspassiv
tense present vorbereiten vorbereitet werden vorbereitet sein
present perfect vorbereitet haben vorbereitet worden sein vorbereitet gewesen sein



Verbs that form the present perfect and the past perfect with sein, also form the perfect infinitive with sein.


Example 2
verb voice
tense present bleiben
present perfect geblieben sein