Proper names (person)


The inflection of persons' names follows the rules below :


Rule 1 When they are not accompanied by an article, they take the ending -s in genitive singular. The noun that follows does not have an article.   Pauls neue Wohnung
Rule 2* They do not take an ending in the singular number, when they are accompanied by an article.   Die Erkrankung unseres Paul
Rule 3 Persons' names that end in s, x, z, in genitive singular do not end in –s but take an apostrophe   Klaus΄ neuer Wagen
Rule 4 Persons' names are rarely used in the plural number. When this happens, the ending -s is usually added to the noun. It is, however, possible to use the endings -e, -en or no ending at all.  

die Müllers, die Heinriche, die Ingen, die Jürgen


* In case the genitive precedes the noun, the noun is inflected, e.g. unseres Peters Erfolge



1 The genitive is often replaced by the preposition von + person name.   die neue Wohnung von Paul
2 In names that consist of many parts, only the last name is inflected.   Heinrich Schillers Werke
3 Terms that denote kinship et al. and are used as an apposition are not inflected (noun Herr is an exception).   Onkel Peters nette Exfrau, Herrn Klaus Meiers Kinder