Reciprocal verbs


2. Verbs that can have a reciprocal function. This category includes verbs that can also have a non-reciprocal function.



This category is further divided into the two following subcategories


2a. Verbs to which the reciprocal function causes a small or big change in meaning and (often) in valency.


not reciprocal reciprocal function causes change in meaning change in valency
einigen A sich einigen auf A yes A --- auf A
aussprechen A sich aussprechen yes A --- without an argument
treffen A sich treffen mit D yes A --- mit D



The verbs of this group (like the ones that have only reciprocal use) can also be found in the singular number, combined with a prepositional object (mit + dative). Reciprocity can be, in most cases, emphasized with the word miteinander.


wir einigen uns (miteinander) ihr einigt euch (miteinander) sie einigen sich (miteinander) PLURAL
ich einige mich mit jemandem