The Middlefield (Mittelfeld)



The Middlefield (Mittelfeld) can be occupied by all kinds of constituents i.e. a subject, an accusative, dative, genitive or prepositional object or an adverbial.


The position of these constituents in the Middlefield (Mittelfeld) is determined by syntactic tendencies, which, however, cannot determine only one correct position.


There are a number of factors, such as the type of constituents, their form, their communicative function or the intention of the speaker, that play a part in giving emphasis to a specific part of the sentence.



Nonetheless, we can speak of a neutral word order of the constituents in the Middlefield (Mittelfeld) which is shaped as follows:


Middlefield (Mittelfeld)
prepositional object
subject before
dative object
accusative object
free adverbial
adverbial complement
genitive object