Most adjectives in the German language are used without a complement i.e. without an object. For some adjectives though, a complement is obligatory. These adjectives are categorized according to the type and number of complements they may take.


adjectives without complements

allein, kinderreich, blau, dumm, faul, intelligent



Adjectives can take a dative object, an accusative object, a genitive object, a prepositional object or an obligatory adverbial as a complement.


adjectives with one complement

dative object
jemandem treu sein
accusative object
jemanden/etwas wert sein
genitive object
einer Sache gewiss sein
prepositional object
auf jemanden/etwas angewiesen sein
obligatory adverbial
irgendwie gelaunt sein



A very small group of adjectives can have two complements, a dative object and a prepositional object.


adjectives with two complements
dative object and prepositional object
jemandem bei etwas behilflich sein
jemandem in etwas gleich sein
jemandem für etwas dankbar sein