Adverbs of place



Adverbs of place express place in two ways. On one hand, they express a location/position (static) and on the other they express direction.



place (static) dort, draußen, oben, rechts, überall etc.


direction hierher, dorthin, weg, bergauf, hin etc.




her and hin


Adverbs her and hin express direction. The use of her implies movement towards the speaker, while the use of hin implies movement away from the speaker.


her Examples
speaker <---------- Komm sofort her!
Woher kommst du?
Stell den Schrank hierher!


hin Examples
speaker ----------> Geh sofort hin!
Wohin gehst du?
Stell den Schrank dorthin!



Adverbs her and hin can function independently, they are, however, often  used as a prefix to a separable verb.


separable verb Examples
herkommen Komm sofort her!
hingehen Geh sofort hin!



They can also be connected with certain prepositions.


her + preposition herab, herauf, heraus, herunter, herüber, herein, heran, herbei, herum, hervor


hin + preposition hinab, hinauf, hinaus, hinunter, hinüber, hinein, hindurch


The adverbs that result from the combinations of hin and her that have been previously stated and denote direction, can function as prefixes to separable verbs.


separable verb Examples
hereinkommen Kommen Sie bitte herein!
hineingehen Gehen Sie hinein!



When the adverbs of place hin and her are used figuratively, they do not indicate direction.


figurative use ein Buch herausgeben
jemandes Fähigkeiten herabsetzen
über jemanden herziehen