Second declension



The second declension of nouns includes only masculine nouns. In the singular number, they are inflected as follows.


nominative der Mensch   Student   Kunde
genitive des Menschen   Studenten   Kunden
dative dem Menschen   Studenten   Kunden
accusative den Menschen   Studenten   Kunden


As one can see in the table above, nouns of the second declension change their form in singular genitive, dative and accusative. The ending for all three cases is -en .



In the plural number, nouns of the second declension are inflected as follows.


nominative die Menschen   Studenten   Kunden
genitive der Menschen   Studenten   Kunden
dative den Menschen   Studenten   Kunden
accusative die Menschen   Studenten   Kunden


In the plural the ending for all cases is again -en.



The following noun categories are inflected according to the second declension:


German nouns ending in -e der Experte, der Affe, der Kollege (Exception: der Käse, der See)
foreign nouns ending in -ist der Polizist, der Journalist
foreign nouns ending in -ent der Student, der Präsident
foreign nouns ending in -ant der Demonstrant, der Lieferant
foreign nouns ending in -and der Doktorand
nouns without specific characteristics der Mensch, der Rebell, der Bär, der Held