Formation of the plural



In German, depending on the ending that is added in order to form the plural number, five types of plural can be distinguished :  


Types of plural Examples nominative plural
Type A ending -e Berge, Tage
Type A Umlaut ending -e with umlaut Fälle, Kräfte
Type B ending -er Kinder, Bilder
Type B Umlaut ending -er with umlaut Männer, Bücher
Type C without ending Fahrer, Mädchen
Type C Umlaut without ending with umlaut Äpfel, Töchter
Type D ending -(e)n* Menschen, Schulen
Type E ending -s Autos, Omas


* The ending -n instead of –en is used after a vowel (except for nouns that end in –ei and –au) and after –el and –er.