Reflexive verbs


Reflexive verbs are verbs that are linked to a reflexive pronoun. The reflexive pronoun refers to the subject, is identical to it and is either in the accusative or in the dative case.



Reflexive verbs are divided into two categories:


1. Verbs that have only reflexive function. This category contains verbs that are always linked to the reflexive pronoun, which is regarded as part of the predicate.


sich erholen
sich erkälten
sich irren
sich schämen
sich weigern
sich etwas aneignen



With these verbs:


the reflexive pronoun cannot be substituted by another pronoun or a noun  
Ich erhole dich / meine Schwester


a question regarding the reflexive pronoun cannot be formed  
Wen / was erholst du?


the reflexive pronoun cannot be preceded by negation  
Ich erlole nicht mich